You have probably noticed that we like to share videos with you guys about transforming vehicles! And you must admit, we have seen some pretty interesting stuff! There were cars that actually transform into Bumblebee and I swear I`ve seen one transform into Optimus Prime! However, from what we can see and judge by the language used -- INDONESIA comes in a role of having maybe one of the best inventions in 18 wheeler history! This is an AMAZING 18-wheeler trailer transformer that you can just pack and put it in your bedroom closet! Funny speaking, of course!

The thing is, we do not know how to count all the shapes this truck can transform into. A real trailer transformer! It is very good for workers that unload huge trucks, because this time they do not need to walk all the way inside the trailer to unload it, as the walls on this one automatically remove and make the goods reachable from outside! And not only that, this one can be prolonged probably by 16 feet judging by the eye. If you are eager to see all about this INVENTION, check out the video below and enjoy! Cheers!

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