If You Like It LOUD & HEAVY, Check Out This NISSAN SKYLINE GTR R34 ARC100 and Enjoy That Powerful EXHAUST SOUND!

Watching an awesome looking and powerful ride is one of those things that gives us the feeling of warmth and inner beauty that goes throughout our entire body and system like waves of aesthetic shots. But if you really want to feel your neck skin crawling and your heart pumping blood in such a pace that makes you think like you`re going to get a heart attack, all you got to do is to hear that ride`s exhaust sound! Wouldn`t you agree with me on that? I think yes…

And of course, that is the single reason why we keep on showing you clips that could almost be described as music videos for Gearheads. Videos that are not showing us images of jaw-dropping and powerful cars, but are presenting the quality and power of the exhaust system of that particular car, or truck, or any other type of ride.

And today, we have decided to show you one such video clip with the car which is probably the most favorite import to many of you, the legendary Nissan Skyline GTR R34, equipped with an ARC100 exhaust that produces a real heavy metal sound!

So if you like it loud and powerful, check out the following video and treat yourself with the powerful GTR tune and make your day! And if you want to hear another Skyline GTR with awesome exhaust sound, click here.