FOR SALE! This Idaho Junkyard Is Home To Over 8000 Classic Cars! Interested?

Have you ever dreamed of digging through tons of cars and finding a gem like no other? Who hasn`t! This Idaho junkyard gives you that exact opportunity, and it`s up for sale! It`s 100 acres with about 8000 cars on it, and seeing as the family started this business 80 years ago, you can find cars older than a century on it.

This Idaho junkyard is worth three million dollars right now, but with all the stuff that`s in it, that might be pocket change! Since the weather in this state is rarely destructive, we think the rust on most of these cars is just on the surface and a good portion of them can actually be salvageable and restorable! Even more impressive is the sheer number of spare parts this place has accumulated – several buildings filled with parts from top to bottom.

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