I-ROBOT Fiat PUNTO From Another Planet!

I-ROBOT Fiat PUNTO From Another Planet! Do you like movies? If you do, what kind of movies? Is it crime, thriller, comedy or maybe science-fiction? If it is the last one you are at the right place!

I-ROBOT Fiat PUNTO From Another Planet 1

Actually, you are at the right place anyway because our videos are meant to be interesting for everybody! But anyway, if you are a science fiction fan, you definitely love Will Smith`s “I Robot”! If you remember this movie, you remember all the strange vehicles and means of transportation Will used! If you do not remember, we do not blame you since this movie was filmed a long time ago!

However, the car you are about to see in this footage looks like it is from the future! It is a purple and black painted Fiat Punto with a futuristic body kit! You cannot see the tires because they are covered!

The bumpers also play a huge role with the lights attached to them! The interior is also great, clean and neat with leather seats with purple and black fabric! So if you want to smell the future a little bit, you know what to do! Enjoy yourself!

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