Massive $100 Million Supercar Car Park Including The Bespoke Ferrari F12 TRS!

We think that we may have discovered a heaven for gearheads with this massive $100M hypercar and supercar car park. We can`t be really sure where this gearhead heaven is located but according to the comments it might be in Switzerland. The Swiss banking people have done pretty well from the recent recession. In this video you`ll see around 45 mega-luxurious and exotic cars ranging from the hybrid titan that is the McLaren P1 and the gorgeous $4.2M Ferrari F12 TRS. The only thing missing in this amazingly wealthy car park is a Bugatti.

Massive $100 Million Hypercar And Supercar Car Park 2

You can also see regular people driving their regular everyday cars in this garage and we really can`t understand how that`s possible with all those rare exotics laying around. Other mega cars you can see in this massive $100M hypercar and supercar car park is a Koenigsegg CCX. The CCX is a third generation car by Koenigsegg and it`s the first Koenigsegg built with the greatest and latest tools available.

It features an 806HP engine that`s assembled and developed by Koenigsegg. At the same time this car meets the harshest emission regulations worldwide. You can also see one American supercar that is the Ford GT Heritage Edition. This is a tribute for the racing legend that made America look very cool at the 24 Le Mans back in 1967. It also features British Exotics like the Aston Martin GT12 Roadster. This car reaches 0-62mph in just 3.7 seconds and has a maximum speed of 180mph. Watch the video below and enjoy!

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