Nothing Can Get Better Than Huge Bounty Hole And Massive Trucks!

Following the trend of exciting and unusual competitions, we have something awesome for you. People are constantly coming up with various ideas for fun. This is why very often we check out something absolutely hilarious, and at the same time, awesome. Now, prepare yourself for 20 minutes of pure and exciting competition. On one end we see dozens of massive trucks and on the other there is a, huge bounty hole. Yes, that is right! You know what we mean! These trucks have to go through a huge mud hole, which was built on purpose purely for this competition. The Muddy Bottoms Bounty Hole is a competitions that grows in popularity. The massive trucks get better and better each year, and according to many, this year was the best one yet. This time on the line there is a reward of nice $5,500.

huge bounty hole trucks

As it is stated by Triple-X Motosports, no one has managed to pull the 300 ft mark. However, knowing that the trucks are getting better and better, this huge bounty hole might just lose its primate. But it surely is a no easy task. It takes a lot of patience and hard work just to make your truck to move a little bit. Luckily, all the competitors are willing to push their vehicles to the limit. As we can see from this awesome video, the guys are getting closer and closer to the finish line. Most of them ended up being stuck in the mud and had to be towed away. However, there was one competitor that managed to do it. Yes, his name is Mike Kelley and he had just did the impossible. His huge truck enabled him to win the nice prize and most important of all, be the first one who did it!

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