How to Repair Rust on a Car Without Welding!

There are thousands and thousands of helpful videos we have recently watched where people share their ingenious talent and help us save couple of hundreds of dollars. We all love and enjoy doing various types of repairs to our cars. We find pleasure and satisfaction in that. Hereby, we check at yet another one such video in which we see the easiest way you can repair rust of your car by using common tools and materials. This means that you could save up to a thousand dollars and it will take a just a day or so to finish it. First things first, you should start sanding away all of the rust at the spot.

How to Repair Rust on a Car Without Welding 2

Do this nice and slow hence you would not want to miss any single spot of rust. Start from the most aggressive sand paper and go down to the finest one. Make sure to do this to both sides of the metal. Next cover everything with a protective layer of paint, just to make sure that it will not rust yet again on the same spot.

Next place a piece of body patch on the rust spot use the first body filler to cover the whole area. Be generous here hence you are going to sand the access away later on. Once you sand that, it is time for the second layer of body filler, this one being much finer. The best thing about this process is that you do not need any cutting or welding.

Check out the whole video on how to repair rust and see how the result looks like!