How To Make a Mini Barbeque From Your Old Car Rims!

Though the barbeque season is coming to its end and we are all going to pack them in the garage, check out this brilliant way to make you own mini barbeque using couple of old rims. This is one very clever way to have your barbeque prepared for the next season or who knows, you might find use for it even now. First things first, you need to mark the lines where you are going to cut the rim. This can easily be done with a saw. He bottom part should come out easily. Then take the other rim and by using the cut out piece as a pattern, saw it off as well. After that is done nice and clean, the next process you need to do is weld the two pieces together.

How To Make a Mini Barbeque From Your Old Car Rims 2

Line them up one on one perfectly and start welding them at 75 amps. Weld couple of spots to make sure that the rims will not move at all and will last for a long time. There is just one final thing you need to do and that is to find a piece of metal that is going to act like the grill.

Weld that in place and cut off any excess from the sides. In just matter of minutes this mini barbeque is done and all you have to do now is to light it up by sticking pieces of wood in the whole we have just made. This is such an easy way to make your own mini barbeque!