How To Lose The COPS Like A BOSS? This Guy Drifts & Parks In 5 Seconds!

drifts and parks in 5 seconds 1

So let us guess. You hate parallel parking and parking is the worst part of driving for you, right? Well, that would not be true if you had the parking skills like the guys from this video! This is just unbelievable for the human eye! We have watched this video 8 times now and we still don`t get it! How does one improve his parking skills like this? You probably all like action movies, right? Of course you do, they often have car chases and we love that! However, the “Police – robbers” races are always the most exciting ones!

You have probably all seen those amazing clips, where a guy parks his car so fast that he actually loses the police? Well, in this video we are going to see how he does it! These guys from Japan are practicing for the whole day, and we hope they finally learn how to “DRIFT-PARK”! All the show is recorded probably from some surveillance camera or this is a part of some movie.  However the performance is great and the driving skills of these guys are just amazing as they show marvelous parking skills.

All the show is not more than 10 seconds, but the whole video is pretty cool, full of funny, hilarious moments and we are pretty sure you don’t want to miss it! These are the masters of the parking skills! While they do their practice, you should go below this text and check out the coolest video ever!

To See How To Loose The COPS Like A BOSS you should go straight to 0:20 seconds.

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