How to choose the right car tyres

Whilst many of us wish that car tyres would last forever, unfortunately even the most careful of drivers will need new tyres at some point. Whilst punctures often lead to tyres needing replacement before their sell-by date, the most common reason why tyres need replacing is the tread wearing out. In the UK, drivers must ensure the tread depth of all tyres on a vehicle are at least 1.6mm minimum by legal standards. The best way to check this is to measure the tread groove with a 20 pence coin, if the rim around its edges stands out, it`s time to replace your tyres.

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So you`ve established that your tyres need replacing, but what tyres does your vehicle need? The best way to find out is by looking at the side of the tyre. The type of tyre you need should be displayed in a format such as 215/45 R16. The initial three numbers refer to a tyre`s width in millimetres. The follow two numbers are the height of the tyre between the ground and the wheel.

Even if you roughly know the type of tyre, choosing the right tyres to purchase can be tricky. That`s why we`ve put together a helpful guide to support you in choosing a tyre that is right for you, and how to maintain them so they last longer.

What brand is best for my needs?

As is the case with many household tyre brands, they don`t come cheap. Whilst it can be tempting to scrimp and save, as a general rule of thumb, it`s best to go for the best tyres you can afford. As the only part of the car in direct contact with the road, better tyres have the most to offer in terms of safety -- especially in icy or wet conditions. To help you make your decision, we`ve summarized some of the best tyres on the market.

Michelin Tyres

As a firm favourite, Michelin is one of the world`s oldest tyre manufacturers and make tyres for all kinds of vehicles. They even made tyres for Concord! With tyres starting from upwards of £60, they are a premium favourite.

Pirelli Tyres

Like Michelin, you can`t go far wrong with Pirelli. As one of Europe`s top three tyre manufacturers, they know a thing or two about manufacturing good quality tyres. With prices starting from £55, they are a premium, excellent quality tyre.

Bridgestone Tyres

Despite the name, Bridgestone is a Japanese brand of tyre. They were established in 1930, so are a reputable player in the field. In fact, nowadays they are one of the biggest tyre manufacturers in the world.

Continental Winter tyres

With origins tracing back to as early as 1870, continental is well versed in creating a variety of tyres. If you`re looking for specialist winter or summer tyres, they have a huge range to choose from. Among others, they sell tyres under the EcoContact, PremiumContact and WinterContact brands.

Goodyear Tyres

Last but not least, Goodyear is one of the biggest and most well-known players on the market. Selling tyres under a whole host of names including Eage, EfficientGrip and Ultragrip brands, you`re sure to find what you`re looking for with Goodyear.

What next?

Once you`ve decided on your tyre of choice, it is important to ensure they are well maintained to increase their longevity. By regularly checking your tyres and driving carefully, you can make your tyres last longer and journeys safer.