How much is my number plate worth?

If you look at personalised number plates, then chances are that you are going to notice that they come with a cost. Whilst some number plates only charge a minimal amount, there are those out there that cost quite a lot of money to buy and then also keep that value over time. If you are someone who has a personalised number plate and you are wondering whether or not it has any value, then you are going to want to read our guide on how much it could be worth.

How common is it?

One of the first things that you need to think about when it comes a personalised number plate is whether or not it is particularly common or not; or if they are people out there that are searching for that name, phrase or slogan.

Whilst it may be easier to sell a number plate that is common (such as a variation of the name Gemma for example) this doesn`t necessarily mean that you will get the best price for it, as there are going to be plenty of other options for people to look at.

What age is the number plate?

A number plate that is shorter is usually going to be worth more money than others because it is older. Older number plates are not as likely to be in circulation as newer plates and this makes them much more desirable to those who are after a really special number plate.

Some of these older style, short number plates can be as much as 100 years old, which means that they are definitely going to attract more money than one that was made a year ago.

How clearly can you see what the number plate stands for?

Another thing that can really have an impact on the price of a number plate is how much it actually resembles the word or name that it is trying to represent.

If you really have to stare (not to mention think) hard in order to get the link, then chances are that other people are going to have to do it and therefore will want to pay less for the plate.

The thing about number plates is that they are supposed to be personalised to you and what you want. This means that a number plate that you think is worth paying out for, might not be the same to someone else.

This doesn`t mean that you should give up on the idea of whichever number plate that you want to buy for your car. If you find one that means something to you and that you want to buy, then it definitely is worth buying, if only just for you.