Do Your Semi Truck Lights Need Replacing?

Exterior lighting is a crucial part of your semi truck. Not only do brake lights, headlights and running lights keep your truck legal, they allow you and other drivers to see both the road and who`s on the road. Learn the common signs of bad semi truck lights and find out how to save money on new semi truck parts today.

Do Your Semi Truck Lights Need Replacing 2

Look for Dead Bulbs

The most obvious issue is a burned-out lightbulb. A burned-out headlight may be obvious as your driving, but your brake lights and running lights may be less obvious.

Routinely inspect the exterior of your truck for any dead bulbs. Be sure your truck is protected on all sides with highly visible lighting.

A dead bulb is not only dangerous, but can be illegal. Avoid heavy fines by keeping your truck ready to ride all day long. Routinely inspect your vehicle, particularly before a long haul trip, to avoid a traffic stop or accident.

Check for Dimming Lights

Dimming lights are dangerous and a sign that you may need to replace your light bulbs. However, a dim light could also be a sign of a dirty headlight. Before replacing your lightbulb, check your headlights for dirt or a film on the exterior. After cleaning your headlights, check again to see if they are still dim.

When you experience dimming even after cleaning your headlights, it`s a sign that the bulbs are reaching the end of their life. Replace your headlight bulbs before they begin flickering or burn out suddenly to protect yourself while on the road.

Watch for Flickering

The next sign of damaged or worn-out headlight bulbs is flickering. After years of use, your Freightliner century headlights will wear out and need replacing. Flickering is typically caused by this, so it`s time to look for new bulbs.

However, flickering may also be a symptom of faulty wiring. A bad connection, damaged wire or other electrical issue could cause your light to flicker, so carefully inspect your wiring for any loose connections or signs of damage before you replace the bulb.

Consider New Running Lights

While a replacement bulb is a simple fix to restore your exterior lighting, consider adding additional lighting as well. As you inspect the exterior of your truck and look for burned-out bulbs, look for any blind spots as well.

If there are areas of your semi that you feel are poorly lit, invest in running lights to stay safe in poor lighting conditions.

Replace a Bulb or Headlight Today

When you find a dead, flickering or dimming lightbulb, it`s time to shop for a replacement. Consider whether you want a replacement bulb or a completely new headlight fixture.

The latest headlights are durable, vibrant and long lasting. Compare styles, bezels and bulbs to find the best headlight option for your truck.

Shop for Peterbilt 389 headlights, LED options and affordable replacement bulbs today. Search online for the best prices on a variety of headlight options for your truck. Don`t keep your truck in the dark or wait for a burned-out bulb before investing in clear, vibrant exterior lighting.