How can you adapt your driving to preserve your tyres?

Tyres on a car go through a lot of wear and tear over the course of their lifetime. A quality set of tyres should last several years or around 20,00 miles, but your driving style and attention to maintenance can significantly reduce their lifetime value. Changing one or even a whole set of tyres can be an unwelcome expense, particularly if you are having other car troubles, so how can you adapt your driving style to preserve your car tyres for longer?

How can you adapt your driving to preserve your tyres_ 1

Drive more smoothly

Rapid acceleration may be exciting and adrenaline rushing, but the wear it causes on your tyres can be very costly down the line. The same goes for sudden or repetitive braking, so driving more smoothly is perhaps the best thing you can do to preserve your tyres. Good quality tyres from a brand like Avon will last longer than cheaper alternatives, but poor driving will still shorten their lifespan.

Motorway or highway driving can increase wear because of higher speeds, however this isn`t as detrimental as excessive acceleration or braking. Another habit to kick is making corners abruptly because this will cause unnecessary strain on your tyres which is easily avoidable.  Ultimately, smooth and sensible driving should be a balancing act to avoid unnecessary wear and tear.

Stay on the road

This should go without saying, but hitting a curb or drifting off the tarmac is not good for your car or your driving reputation. Bumps, scrapes and collisions with anything other than the road will have a significantly damaging impact on your tyres and will increase the chance of punctures and lacerations.

Avoid heavy loads

Some vehicles will be designed to carry heavy loads and others will not be. If you have a smaller car, regularly carrying heavy loads or pushing the limits of the vehicle`s capacity will only degrade your tyres more quickly. If you need to move a lot of weight regularly, it is recommended to use a different vehicle or upgrade to a more appropriate alternative.

Be proactive with maintenance

Simple tyre checks and maintenance can be conducted quickly at home or on the road. Checking tyres pressures regularly will avoid any unexpected blowouts or lasting damage from increased resistance. Servicing can also be important to recognise any misalignment which can cause uneven wear on certain tyres. In general, proactive maintenance of your tyres and the rest of your car will always lower the risk of faults and disrepair.