5 Types Of People And The Vehicles That Fit Their Lifestyles Perfectly

People have immensely different lifestyles at times which call for vehicles that are just as different. Personal preference plays a role as well but most people buy vehicles depending on what they need versus what they want. People fall into various categories from the mothers/fathers that need a lot of space due to having 5 kids. Others might be chronically single but have rowdy dogs they want to put in the back of an SUV or truck. Below we have gone into 5 types of people as well as what vehicles best match their lifestyles.

5 Types Of People And The Vehicles That Fit Their Lifestyles Perfectly 2

The Single Man/Woman That Wants To Impress

Having a nice car can turn heads and can make much better first impressions than a beaten-up car that is barely running. The question to ask is “What type of person do I want to attract or impression I want to make?” Once this questioned is asked you can figure out what type of vehicle to purchase.

A person working construction might want a truck they can haul materials with but also turns heads with a nice exhaust. A person in a lucrative sales position might need to show up to meetings in a luxury sedan just to save face. A single person might opt to try to save money by purchasing a used car as they want to put money towards other parts of their life.

The Big City Employee That Hates Public Transit

This person has a few different options but it is best to make sure a car is small or opt for an electric scooter. Parking in a big city can be nothing short of a nightmare as well as expensive for the day at work. People might look into a car from Smart as these are some of the smallest on the market and are ecofriendly.

For people that want to venture outside3 of the city on weekends to get out of the hustle and bustle this car will get great gas mileage. There are some cities that allow electric cars to have their own spaces like Austin, Texas which are usually in prime parking. For anyone that has been to this city during rush hour trying to find street parking understands how valuable this is.

Dads/Moms That Also Play Chauffeur To Kids

One job of a parent is to take the kids to school, practice, rehearsal, and to everything in between. At times the parent will also be in charge of taking the children`s friends to these as well. Comfort is imperative especially if a parent is going to be riding with a rambunctious car of children.

Picking a great SUV can provide for comfort as well as safety that any parent wants when driving around precious cargo. Checking out the safety features of a vehicle is always important as accidents do happen to even the best drivers as nobody can control other drivers.

The Guy/Girl That Uses Their Truck Or Car For Work

Leases can be perfect for the person that uses their car or truck for work. For starters, you don`t need a downpayment with a lease. According to Dan Cummins, who owns and manages Chevrolet Buick car dealerships in Lexington KY, typically, you can walk away after you`ve paid the first month`s rent, your security deposit, and applicable fees. The more you pay upfront, the lower your monthly payments will be.

Additionally, jobs that require you to use your own vehicle there is a chance that after time the company leases the car for the employee. Another option to ask about is a car allowance per month as this is a very common perk given to employees using personal transportation to do their job.

The Person Who Doesn`t Stay In One City Too Long

This is the rambling man/woman that works remotely so they travel from city to city to see what they have to offer. Being able to stay in the vehicle can save massive amounts when compared to short-term rentals. RVs can be the answer for these people as it will have all they need to come home to after exploring a city.

To be able to live in a different city every month can add a sense of excitement to life many people never experience. For traveling salespeople, a hybrid is an investment that can save thousands per year but are not always the most comfortable to travel long distances in.

There are other types of people of course that will have different needs in a vehicle. Other options include those people that need their vehicle to have the capacity to two a boat or trailer.

People that want to make sure their carbon footprint is a small as possible and many more. Take time to write out a list of wants and needs in a vehicle to make sure the right purchase choice is made.