As you know it well, we are not in a habit of presenting you with limos, but many more exotic supercars, powerful and fast Detroit muscles, as well as fast as hell motorcycles. But when we saw this insanely cool semi truck limo, there was not a slightest doubt in our mind, that we must show you this extraordinary vehicle right away!

Unfortunately, we do not have much of an information about it, because the author of the video clip simply did not provide any. And there is not much about it in other places either. However, that will not stop us from admiring the original idea of creating such a luxury ride.

I mean, you got to give it to the man behind it. After all, limos are all about that extra space, feeling utterly comfortable when you are driving in them, and so on. And when it comes to this specimen, I would not be surprised if there is a bath inside of it.

Of course, I`m just kidding. But when you look at it, one would think that if it is used for a wedding, the happy couple could easily throw an after-party inside of it.

Just watch the semi truck limo video and make your own conclusion about it. And if you want to see the officially most expensive and luxurious limousines in the world, go to this link.