Grill Your Christmas Turkey Using Lamborghini Aventador Flames!

I`m sure that there are many other cheaper methods to cook your Christmas turkey for the following holiday season, but I doubt that all of those other ways have such a `high octane shock value` like the fire-spitting Lamborghini Aventador. But I have got to tell you just as a measure of caution, that even if you actually have a Lamborghini in your garage, do not try this at home kids, unless you want to roast something a little bit more than just the wings of your Christmas turkey! On the other hand, I will admit it right away that right after I have finished watching this video, I have come to a conclusion that cooking a turkey has never been so much fun (not for me at least). `Our turkey` in the video will be prepared on a specially tuned Lamborghini Aventador flames -- a work done by Oakley Design – which for this occasion has been transformed into a moving turkey barbecue, thanks to the inventive YouTube chefs at Shmee150.

And even though I`m not really sure that the Lamborghini Aventador flames cooking process went exactly as planned, but at the end of the video, there is a cooked turkey (or a part of it). But never the less, whether it is a ringer or not, this video definitely deserves your time of watching it, if not for the turkey, than for that great  Lambo. Check it out!