Most of the times (a huge part) that we see some of the jaw-dropping models of Lamborghini in action, is either on the streets, or on the strip, racing, or performing some stunt, or trying to beat the time, etcetera. And that is why I firmly believe that you are going to enjoy the following two minutes all the way, because we have one great Lambo specimen, in a little bit different edition… in an awesome rally action!

As you could have read in the title, this time, we have the iconic Italian supercar in a fast-paced action of rally, showing off its speed potential on a real dirt road! And who would not want to see a Lambo monster, flying along cliffs at totally crazy speeds, almost at the brink of complete obliteration?!

Thanks to one rally action fan, who also happened to have affections for the Lamborghini models (and got one on his disposal), we can see the well known Italian hypercar taking things to a whole new level. And if you ask me, it is really refreshing to see a Lamborghini doing drifts, donuts, and off road rallying in the mud, in the forest.

So, check out the video and I hope that you will also enjoy the action, just as we did. Afterwards, you can sound off your thoughts about it in the comment section below!

And if you want to find out something more about the Lamborghini Gallardo, go to this link.