Here’s What You Need to Do When Your Car Breaks Down

Car breakdowns can be nerve-wracking when they occur right in the middle of the road. Most drivers tend to panic and freak out when their car refuses to continue working. Even the most experienced drivers are forced into a corner whenever their vehicle breaks down on a busy road. For this reason, we have developed this brief guide to help you be prepared for whenever your car breaks down.

Common Reasons For Car Breakdown

Faulty Batteries

A vehicle`s engine requires a current to do its job seamlessly. However, faulty batteries resist the natural process and produce disruptions and breakages throughout.

Tyre Damage

The tires of your vehicle have specific life spans. A weary tire that is way over its expected expiry date is nothing less than a ticking time bomb; it can go flat whenever and wherever it feels like, which can be extremely dangerous if you`re on a highway for example.

What to Do When Your Car Breaks Down?

Slow Down and Park Your Car on the Side

The first thing that you should do when your car breaks down is to slowly move away from the main lanes and park your car on the side so as to not cause any accidents or traffic jams. Furthermore, when your car is parked on the side, you can comfortably perform a preliminary diagnosis of its breakdown.

Call for Help

Calling for help is obviously a very important step, especially if you don`t know what to do with your engine. Some drivers are aware enough of how an engine works and can get it running after a while; but not everyone does, and it`s better to be safe than sorry, lest you damage your engine even more by trying to fix it without the proper knowledge. Sometimes the location your car broke down in will force you into looking for help. Although the availability of a tow truck is often delayed due to a continued queue of orders from people requesting tow trucks, you can still look for a tow truck for emergency car towing. You can even call, report your situation, and get a quote for your towing needs so you`ll have an idea of how much you would need to budget.

Turn Your Hazard Lights On

Hazard lights are for emergencies, right? What could be a greater emergency than your car refusing to move forward? In such a situation, immediately turn your hazard lights to signal to the drivers behind you. This helps them beware of your car and avoid unexpected collisions.

How to Avoid Your Car From Breaking Down?

Keep Your Car Hydrated

Just like humans need water to stay hydrated, machines require oil and fuel. They need to stay hydrated too to avoid malfunctioning at unexpected times.

Regular Service

Schedule regular car service sessions for your vehicle to ensure that your car is free from any unwanted issues.

Although car breakdowns may not seem as tragic as described above, they can get extremely terrifying with numerous thoughts bombarding all at once. Since a driver has to worry about both the front and back of their vehicle, a breakdown in the middle of a busy highway is an open invitation for unexpected collisions. However, by following the aforementioned techniques, you can ensure that your car remains untouched, even after it breaks down.