When it comes to the HED Industries Speed Shop Chevrolet Camaro that we had seen at this year`s SEMA show in Vegas, this kind of description definitely suits this car the best! Its entire style is based on the Nordic philosophy, which suggests that the perfection lies in the simplicity of the things. And therefore, although it might seem as something easily achievable, it`s actually far from it. Especially when it comes to the industrial products!

But, the guys from the HED Industries Speed Shop obviously managed to make this classic American muscle into one of those cars that make heads turn. At least, the heads of the ones who truly know what a great car is.

It mainly maintained its classic and stock body lines, there is the well known and powerful V8 motor under the hood, but it`s reinforced with the Magnuson Supercharger. Unfortunately we cannot tell you about the other specs of this great Chevy Camaro, but we`ll leave that for another occasion. For now, just enjoy the video below!

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