HEAT WAVE Jet Car – It’s FAST, It’s BAD & It Wears A BADGE!

Must SEE this car in person because you will feel the very intense heat radiation from the engine even in the stands. I’m pretty sure the turbine engine’s sound and the moment when it takes off will make you full with adrenaline and will blow you away. Check Out this Insane HEAT WAVE Jet Car in Action!

It`s fast… it`s bad… and it wears a badge! You don`t have to be a pyromaniac to get turned on by this! The Heat Wave jet car truly is an extraordinary experience. This video will make you want to attend it live in order to fully experience this car`s power and speed. It leaves an enormous cloud behind it, much like a horse warming up before sprinting into the wild. Watch until the end to see what incredible speed this vehicle has. This Heat Wave will leave you wet and burning at the same time! Buckle up and get ready for take-off!

However, this jet car holds the world speed record!