Awesome GTA 5 Online Video Recreates The Famous Bridge Jump Scene From Gone In 60 Seconds! WOW!

Gone in 60 seconds may not be everyone`s favorite movie, but no one can deny that it has some awesome stunt driving. A bunch of gamers decided to recreate the renowned bridge scene from the aforementioned movie within Los Santos in a GTA 5 online video. In the film, Nicolas Cage is making an escape from the police with his 1967 Mustang Eleanor. He approaches the Vincent Thomas Bridge, but finds out that it is blocked with traffic. With some quick fearless thinking, he uses a tow truck as a ramp to make a jump over many cars. This reenactment totally nails the crazy jump scene!

It looks as cartoon-like and improbable in this GTA 5 online video just as it looks in the movie. It is not as crazy as making a jump between two cargo aircrafts or launching through the Vinewood (Hollywood) sign. However, it`s still glorious. Thank God for timely and conveniently positioned tow truck ramps. There are some mistakes that could`ve made this recreation better though. For example, the 1967 Mustang in the movie is gray where here is black. Recreating film scenes has become very popular with GTA 5 players lately. Last month gamers reenacted Skyfall`s train scene and they also made a very funny satire of Purge: Anarchy trailer.

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