New Lexus GS F Type Is The Perfect Melt Of Luxury And Performance!

What comes first for you: luxury or performance? It`s probably performance if you are in the true Gearhead category! That means you never really associated Lexus with the word V8 or performance. However, the new Lexus GS F is breaking this rule as you now have the perfect combination of elegance, performance and luxury!

Grab A Glance At The New Lexus GS F Type 3

Grab A Glance At The New Lexus GS F Type 7

You are about to fall in love with this new Lexus GS F type! The 2016 model hides a 5.0 L V8 engine under the hood! This gives it the opportunity to produce up to 467 HP as well as 389 lb/ft of torque! Check out the gallery below!

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