Guess Why Was The Gorgeous Olivia Black Fired From Pawn Stars!

The one thing that makes nearly all TV production companies so successful is the fact that they always come up with something unpredictable for their fans. There is always something strange that happens, no matter how wacky it sounds and looks to us. This is exactly the story behind the one and only, the gorgeous Olivia Black. She had just recently been fired from the awesome show called Pawn Stars, and as soon as it happened, many people shared their opinions about why this happened. There were some crazy news that has circulated the internet, but I bet you will never guess the exact reason why it ended up this way. She had been a key member since 2011 when she first appeared in an episode called Less is More, back in season 5.

gorgeous olivia black pawn

Chumlee had the responsibility to guide her way up the hill as she was learning the quirks about her new job.
But it took just some time before the gorgeous Olivia Black became a fan favorite, mostly due to her enthusiastic personality and most importantly, her amazing look. However, just a year later she was unexpectedly fired from the show. In the show`s official report it was stated that the reason for it was because years before she joined Pawn Stars, Olivia worked as an adult model. The production company made this decision and her co-workers had nothing to do with it. Moreover, they have nothing bad to say about her and as Rick said, what she did in her past was solely her own business. She is currently often seen with her wife Maria, and if you want to check out something more about Olivia, you should follow her on her social media profiles, since she is very active there!

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