Getting a Car Insurance Claim Approved After a Serious Accident

Car insurance provides financial relief to drivers when they`ve been involved in an accident. Though policies vary, the idea is to cover the cost of things like vehicle or property damage, and medical costs for any injured parties. When you purchase insurance coverage, one would assume that there aren`t many out of pocket expenses for them to worry about. Yet, if you`ve never filed a car insurance claim before, you may be in for a rude awakening.

Getting a Car Insurance Claim Approved After a Serious Accident 2

What you don`t know, is that while car insurance is designed to provide you with financial protection in the event of an accident, it is not always a guarantee. In fact, car insurance agencies would prefer to not have to shell out hundreds or thousands of dollars in expenses if they can help it. That`s why your claim has to go through a series of checks and balances before it can be approved.

Minor Vs. Major Accidents

Those with minor accidents that may have involved a few dents, scrapes, or bruises are often approved a lot easier than major accidents where extensive vehicle damage and injuries or fatalities have occurred. That`s because it`s going to cost insurance companies a lot more to clean up the mess. So, if you`re trying to get a serious claim approved, you may find it a bit more difficult to get approved (and for an appropriate amount). 

Increase Chances of Approval

How can you get your expenses covered after being involved in a serious accident if insurance companies would prefer to deny your claim and reduce their liabilities? Though the process can be tedious and time-consuming, here are some effective solutions below:

·        Report Right Away -- You don`t have much time to report an accident and the clock starts ticking the moment the accident takes place. Therefore, it is to your advantage to report the accident to the insurance company right away. 

·        Have a Police Report -- While a small fender bender might not warrant you contacting the police, if you`re in a serious accident it is imperative to contact the local authorities and not leave the scene of the accident. This is especially true if you or someone involved in the accident is injured. Without admitting fault (especially if you weren`t at-fault), tell the police everything that happened including what you were doing, what you saw, and any nearby witnesses they can talk to. 

·        Seek Medical Attention -- If you`ve been injured in an accident it is important to seek medical attention immediately. Though you may feel fine or prefer to go to a doctor later, you never know what could be going on internally that needs treatment. Also, having medical reports are also necessary to help further prove your innocence and determine the amount of your insurance claim. 

·        Provide All Documents -- When you file an insurance claim, the insurance adjuster will require you to provide them with supporting information such as the police report, eye witness information, and your medical reports and bills. 

·        Hire an Attorney -- Insurance companies have a team of attorneys who are well-versed in the law. They will utilize these resources to determine how much, if anything, they should cover. As dealing with negotiations and legal jargon can be complex, it is often best to hire an auto accident attorney. They can talk to adjusters and get you the best possible settlement amount. They take things like your current and future medical costs, any time you`ve spent out of work, emotional distress, pain and suffering and will use these as a basis to negotiate what you should get. If they`re unsuccessful, they will also fight your case in court. 

·        Be Honest -- Whether you`re talking to the police, insurance company, or your hired attorney, honesty is the best policy. It is also the most important factor in determining if your claim will be approved. If they can find holes in your story, this could be used against you and cost you big time. So, tell the truth. If you`re unsure of how something you say could impact your claim, talk with your lawyer to get legal advice before discussing further. 

Yes, car insurance coverage is not only mandatory, but a great financial protection for drivers. Be that as it may, when the time comes to utilize those protections, getting the go-ahead isn`t a simple process. If you want to reduce your out of pocket costs and maximize your insurance claim payout, utilize the tips above to make things a bit easier.