Geneva Exclusive Video: 2016 AUDI PROLOGUE AVANT CONCEPT!

Hello there Gearheads! Your favorite team is in Geneva, Switzerland at the 2015 Geneva Motor Show and is ready for some action! In the next few days you`ll have some firsthand information about all the concept cars, performance cars, luxury ones and others! So, let`s start off with the AUDI PROLOGUE AVANT!

This concept car attracted a lot of attention with its looks but with its performance as well! If you remember the Los Angeles show held last fall, you remember the huge two-door coupe with the hybrid powertrain – Its name was THE PROLOGUE CONCEPT! It is now back in Geneva with a totally new station-wagon body and a new name: THE AUDI PROLOGUE AVANT! This Geneva version is slightly more sensible as it is consisted of a 3.0L diesel V6 and an electric motor! Together, they produce 449hp!!! Take a look!

To watch the video, go below the gallery.

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