Blue Nissan GTR R35 With Armytrix Performance Valvetronic EXHAUST!

Here is another video with the favorite music for your ears. The best artist that creates the best music for car lovers is the exhaust! Don`t hesitate to put your speaker to the test for one more time! We guarantee you won`t be disappointed. And when you are going to see the paint, you will wish you were instantly in the driver`s seat. We are talking about a gorgeous blue Nissan GTR R35. What is interesting about this paint is the fact that it`s a combination of matte and metallic paint. That`s why it looks so good.

But it is enough about the paint, we are here to listen to the sound! This Nissan has Armytrix Performance Valvetronic Exhaust installed, that makes the sound awesome! In the beginning of the video you can hear it roaring indoors with its valve closed. After several seconds, the driver opens the valve and the real sound is on. We are not saying that with the valve closed the sound is not good, far from that. Later on, you can hear this blue Nissan roaring outdoors, right there on the city streets and the sound is even more adorable. So, do not hesitate no more. Turn up your volume and enjoy!

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