There’s Something Special About The ICE CHARGER! Have A Look Underneath!

If you are about to modify and make your car unique, there are numerous ways in which you can do it, like with this Ice Charger. The possibilities are endless starting from a simple paint job to a complete overhaul of the car such as swapping the engine and changing the look of the exterior. Hereby we take a look at this Dodge Charger V8 AWD, which is also known as the Ice Charger. Not only did these guys manage to build something amazing but they also make some utterly exceptional and unlike any mods you have seen so far. We check out behind the scenes and everything you need to know about this mighty Ice Charger that has whooping 500 HP.

Something Special Ice Charger! (2)

If you are not familiar with this awesome machine, this mighty machine featured in the brand new Fast and Furious 8. We are taking look at this all wheel drive car and everything that has been modified. The guys from Street FX Motorsport TV also conduct an interview with Dennis McCarthy at the garage and he takes us through a journey we all wanted to see.

There is also a rare opportunity to take a look under the hood of this mighty Ice Charger which does look absolutely awesome. Dennis even starts up the car and does couple of revs which sound utterly magnificent. There is something special that makes this car so cool and unique unlike any Charger you have seen so far. What do you think about this awesome machine?

Before you go, have you seen the 2017 Dodge Charger in all its glory? Check it out here!