PickUp Truck Driver JUMPS OUT The Highway & Wrecks The Vehicle!

Car jumps are interesting to watch. It is an extreme sport for adrenaline lovers, and it is quite a dangerous way of having fun. But with proper cars and proper terrain, it can give some people a thrill without the driver getting hurt. With that being said, here we have a video of a pickup truck driver who obviously does not fully understand all of these things.

Somebody took this video while driving on the highway, where we see a driver who probably thinks that driving on the highway is not fun enough. So what does he do? He drives on the grass right next to the highway, and does a car jump several feet up in the air! A fun way to crash your car. Luckily for the driver, the airbags are activated upon his landing, and he doesn`t get injured.

That can`t be said for the car though, as it gets damaged after the jump. What made the pickup truck driver do his jump, we might never know, but at least his crazy stunt was immortalized with this video, making sure we never forget about it. You can see the stunt in this video!

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