Monster Blown Chevy Nova V8 by SCH Racing – 6.953 @ 329!

Frickin Monster Blown Chevy Nova V8 by SCH Racing -- 6.953 @ 329! That is one wicked Nova... Seriously twisted fast… Thumbs way way up mate… That car should be called the Silver Bullet…cause that’s what it is!

Here we are, in the Land Down Under showing you another exciting drag race preparation! More precisely, at the Sydney`s Dragway for the Pro Street Shootout Grand Final. Sadly, we cannot see this car racing, but the presented is more than enough. From this moment on, we think that the idea we are about to give you will be highly appreciated: turn up the volume folks! Because you are about to hear an extraordinary sound of a roaring engine accompanied by some quality burnouts! This car was trying to go under 7 seconds and made it! Not in the first run, but in the second. Either way, the goal is met.

Finally, check out this Chevy Nova night street race!

Enjoy the video below!

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