Four of the Best Motorcycles & Scooters for the Urban Commute

For many owners, their motorcycle is stowed away carefully through Monday to Friday in anticipation for the weekend joyride, but should it be used for the daily commute as well? After all, commuting by bike offers an array of time and money saving benefits, plus you get to be the envy of all other commuters as you weave through the traffic each day. That said, not every bike is suited to city use, indeed heading out on the wrong bike for the job could be a relatively unpleasant experience. With that in mind, here are four of the best city motorcycles and scooters that suit every taste.

Four of the Best Motorcycles Scooters for the Urban Commute 1

The Classic Scooter: Piaggio Vespa GTS 300

A scooter always works in the city, but the Vespa GTS 300 offers a stylish commuting solution from an iconic brand that offers a good deal more power than your average moped.

The GTS builds on the classic model with a 300cc engine that is the most powerful in the Vespa product line. It`s fully kitted out with the likes of ABS and traction control, while the larger engine size means the GTS can handle bigger and faster roads than packed city streets when required.

Style and substance meet with the GTS, with a new model costing just over £5,500.

Four of the Best Motorcycles Scooters for the Urban Commute 2

The City Kerb Rider: BMW G310 GS

The G310 GS features `adventure abilities`, which offer a huge advantage when it comes to city riding. In your case, `adventure` does mean mounting the odd kerb when you have to, but the important thing is it`s built for the rigours of the city.

Generally considered a great all-rounder with excellent fuel economy, you can find one new for around the £5,000 mark.

Four of the Best Motorcycles Scooters for the Urban Commute 4

A Bit More Oomph: Ducati Monster 821

If you`re looking for something that`s built with a more multi-purpose function in mind, the new Monster 821 offers the handling, braking and power to suit both open country roads and standstill city traffic.

Paying homage to the 25-year-old Monster 900 with a refreshed model for 2018, the mid-sized 821 offers a new water-cooled engine with ABS, traction control and ride-by-wire throttle. Whilst the price is notably higher at £8995 new, a top speed of 152mph shows this is a bike tailored for those looking for a more rounded package.

Four of the Best Motorcycles Scooters for the Urban Commute 5

The Look for Less: Mutt Motorcycles Blackest Sabbath 125 LTD

Ever since David Beckham was first snapped on his British Customs Triumph, the vintage café racer style motorcycle has been all the rage. Of course, a custom Triumph is going to cost you more than most can afford, luckily Birmingham based Mutt Motorcycles are offering a budget alternative with their Blackest Sabbath 125 LTD.

Offering an ultra-lightweight stealth matte black frame, the aesthetics belie the bike`s 125cc, four-stroke engine, meaning for just over £3,000 you can get a nimble city mover which will turn heads every time you take it out.

If you`re thinking of turning to two wheels for your everyday commute, there should be a bike out there to suit your tastes. With cheaper insurance, lower fuel expenditure and no congestion or toll charges to consider, there`s plenty of motivation to make the switch.