Ford GT Goes Through Wind Tunnel Testing! See the Results!

The Ford GT is one of the most aerodynamically perfected vehicles out there, and this is proven when the engineers designing it take it to do some wind tunnel testing. Aerodynamics is a really important part of designing a car and the necessity of an automatic wing spoiler in the back and a system of ducts and shafts all over the car is paramount. Remember that 3.5L eco-boost engine in the new Raptor? That is exactly what the Ford GT has, except for one thing – it is 200 horsepower more powerful!

The wind tunnel testing was conducted to see how the car openings function. These parts make the Ford GT to look amazing, but they also have function to let air flow around the car with nearly perfect ease. I look forward to seeing this beast on the tracks or on a runway as it looks like it can come up with some major speed! With airflow that good, this carbon fiber supercar is sure to be one of the contenders for a number of titles in the following year. Because that comes at the price of a whole lot of races, we`ll be on the lookout for videos of them!

Finally, read more about the people who invented the first wind tunnel.