Flame-Throwing Ford Focus RS Plays The Music For Your Ears!

Every human that loves cars, they must love the sound some of them make. It is one of the most crucial and important factors about a perfect and pristine car. According to many people, if the car does not make a good sound, then it is not worth buying it. Hereby, we take a look at a very special video, a video that would make your blood boil and your ears melt. Namely, we have the chance to hear how the mighty Ford Focus RS sounds, and it is something that will please even the pickiest of gearheads.

Ford Focus RS Sounds 2

All you need to do before watching the video is to take you headphones, plug them in your computer, crank up the volume to the man, sit back and enjoy in the pure sound the Ford Focus RS makes. The car revs up couple of times to warm up its engine, and then it is off to a furious start. One thing that makes this video even better is the amazing scenery and landscape just besides the road he is driving on. There is a camera mounted on the top of the car to grab all the action.

That 5 cylinder engine performs and sounds as good as you would find in an extremely expensive super car. This car is just fraction of the price and you still get something that is going to absolutely blow your mind, and your ears. What do you think about this amazing car?

At last, follow this link to see the limited edition Ford Focus RS!

Ford Focus RS Pure Binaural Noise

Just listen to that 5 cylinder music 😍 Make sure you wear headphones for the best sound experience!

Posted by Car Throttle on Sunday, November 5, 2017