Great Way To Fix A Metal Drill Bit!

We, common people, are always interested into making something new, some innovation that is going to useful and you are going to find many applications for. Having been through dozens and dozens of such video, you might think that there is nothing more that we can see. Well, you must take a look at this video and see how simple it actually is to fix a metal drill bit with just a few household items. Yes, you can actually fix your drill bit at home and it is going to take just couple of minutes.

Fix A Metal Drill Bit 2

So what are you actually going to need? Well, first of all you are going to get a reasonable size of a nut and by using a marker, mark couple of lines where you are going to cut it. Cut them out and then you are going to take another bolt and weld it in place over the one that you have just made the cut.

Next, take a bolt and screw it in, thus completing this simple DIY tool that is going to help you fix your metal drill bit. All you are going to have to do now is to take the drill bit, secure it in place and by using the sanding belt or machine, grind down the edges and form the normal shape of it. It works every single time. Make sure that you wear safety equipment though. What do you think; will you ever make it on your own?

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