Here Are The Five Best Muscle Cars of All Time! Which One Is Your Ultimate Favorite?!

Dodge Charger

Dodge-Charger-1970 best muscle cars of all time

An iconic piece of machinery, the Charger blasted on to the muscle car scene early in existence and remained popular for generations, a beautifully evolved model that persisted simply because it worked. Built entirely with V-8 engines, the exact size of those engines varied with each model year but nearly every year saw an increase in engine size, from 1966’s 318 cubic inches to 1970’s 440 cubic inches, shrinking only towards the end of the product line to a “mere” 400 cubic inches of power, with the full might of the Charger line only dying out when new vehicle emissions standards changed the rules.

Dodge-Charger-1968 best muscle cars of all time 2

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