We all love our rides, no matter whether it is some powerful Detroit muscle that can rip off the tarmac track when you drop your foot on the throttle, or one of those jaw-dropping and fast as hell imports, which many of us had to save a long time to buy it. Or even if it`s just a plain, regular vehicle that you enjoy driving it all over town, it really doesn`t matter when it comes to the way we feel about it. The point is, since you have a ride that you love and respect, you should properly take care of it, so that the vehicle could take care of you! Right?

And that is why every now and then, we are showing you these types of videos, in which instead of seeing powerful rides drag racing each other or ripping off the asphalt by doing donuts and drifts, you get to learn some useful things about how to take care of your car, or to prevent a possible damage to it. Or like in this case, you get a chance to find out how car washes damage the paintwork on your loving car.

You have pretty much everything explained in this Fifth Gear`s video, so we`ll just give you a very short intro. These Brits got three identical rides and took them to the car wash, and tested them in a three different ways of carwash to find out what is the effect they have on the car`s paintjob!

So, take a look at the video and find out the results! Later on, you can also sound off your thoughts about it in the comment section below! And as an addition to that, go to this link if you want to learn about other ways that you`re running your ride`s paintwork without even be aware about it!