Meet The Brand New Ferrari LaFerrari Spider! Gallery Revealed Ahead Of Its Debut At The 2016 Paris Motor Show!

Ferrari LaFerrari Spider 2
Ferrari revealed images of the brand new Ferrari LaFerrari Spider ahead of its world debut in September! Ferrari defines the LaFerrari Spider as a hypercar for those who love to drive in the open air! Are you a cabrio fan as well?

The official name, number of units and price of the Ferrari LaFerrari Spider will be announced at the Paris Motor Show. However, the Italian carmaker announced that the LaFerrari Spider will come with two available options! One of those will be a soft removable top and the other a removable carbon fiber hard top! The performance figures are staggering as well! It will be powered by a V12 engine and a 120kW motor that will deliver 949 HP! What do you think?

Ferrari LaFerrari Spider 3