Ferrari California T Model – Visitors Went Crazy at Paris Motor Show!

Just as it is on almost every exclusive car expo, Ferrari models are one of the most attractive and most visited cars that are displayed on the entire show. 2014 Paris Motor Show was not different when it comes to the most famous Italian sports car manufacturer. People were buzzing about its models and later on, no one could have forget the image in their minds about those awesome looking beauties with powerful engines, as we all know it very well. Those amongst you who are following the tradition of the Ferrari and its lineup, probably remember that last time when Ferrari actually used turbo was with the F 40 model (which was the real monster of a sports car), and now the turbo is back for their new Ferrari California T model.

Ferrari California T

But we have got to tell you that this model is very much tamer than the abovementioned F 40 variant. It is probably the `lightest` model in the Ferrari pallet, built and constructed only for daily driving, so I guess the name comes very much appropriate.

Ferrari California T model is powered by a 3.9 liter V8 that can generate 552 HP, mated with a 7 speed dual clutch. It is very fast and awesome looking, with a folding top which retreats into the top half of the trunk, so it is pretty suitable for all those who like to travel light and fast with an open top. Check it out.

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Enjoy the video below!

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