Ferrari 612 GTO Concept!

Just about every time Ferrari comes up with a new model, we are pretty sure that you are already expecting something better than others. This time the Italian Black Horse Once comes up with something really intriguing, a truly magnificent Ferrari 612 GTO Concept!

The angry car designer, Sasha Selipanov from Berlin, Germany, designed this stunning car that looks like a mix between the Aston Martin One-77 and the Ferrari 458 Italia. However, it has several elements  from the original Ferrari 250 GTO applied on the car for good measure. So, our question is: Ferrari, Pininfarina… Did you pay attention for the replacement of the 599? Actually it’s a design study, so there’s little more to discuss other than to view the renderings. Check  them out in the gallery below. You have also a VIDEO and a link to the source site, where the designer Sasha’s got some other designs. Check out the Ferrari 612 GTO!

Ferrari 612 GTO 7