Nissan GT R AMS vs 750hp BMW M6 vs Ferrari 458 Italia! Epic 1 Mile Drag Race!

What we mostly bring on content is the best there is in the Muscle cars world. But, of course, we are not shy of bringing you something different once in a while. Because as being muscle cars enthusiasts we are also gearheads that are interested in everything with high HP! And as we bring you many drag races that include muscle cars, this time we have something different from the drag racing world. This time we bring you amazing super cars and sport cars that will truly amaze you. We have an epic duel that includes a Nissan GT R AMS, BMW M6 and Ferrari 458 Italia!

This epic drag racing event is happening in Russia and it`s brought to us by dragtimesinfo. The first duel is between two glorious supercars! Ferrari vs Ferrari! Both are 458 Italia and both are stock which have a 4.5 L V8 engine that produces 570HP! The drivers` skills are the only decisive factor in this drag race duel! One Ferrari is yellow the second is red. The red has a much better start and manages to win the race with a time of 29.2 seconds against the yellow`s time of 29.5!

Up next we have something extraordinary! Against the yellow Ferrari Italia 458 we have the Nissan GT R AMS! And the Nissan GT R AMS is of course no joke at all! Because, the GT-R has 600HP against those 570 that the Ferrari has. This Nissan is a pure beast on the drag track. And the Nissan manages to obliterate the Ferrari! With a time of 28.1 seconds against the Ferrari`s 28.5! However, we must note that the Ferrari`s driver lacked reaction skills! That start was very weak and clearly a drivers error!

And for the final duel we have the Ferrari 458 Italia against a BMW M6! Both of these cars have 570HP! The driver of the Ferrari does the same kind of mistake on the start again! But, despite that error the Ferrari manages to win anyway by a very small margin!

Finally, watch this BMW drag race set up by Top Gear by following this link!