Check Out the Fastest Fire Hose in the World! This is Tow Strap Roller, The Wind X!

We just love ideas and inventions that make life easier and solve problems efficiently. If it happens that invention to be amazingly simple, then all the better. In this one, we have one such invention. It is built to help firefighters, our local heroes, to do their jobs more efficiently. What we are talking about is the world`s fastest fire house that goes by the name of Wind X. It is a very special attachment used for cordless drills. The cordless drill works together with the bearing and the disk on the ground in order to reel up hoses in just mere seconds.

Maybe this task doesn`t take hours to do manually. However, it takes much longer than the Wind X. Depending on where it is situated on the hose, this invention rolls the hose with a double roll. It`s actually pulled together from both ends. In the video below you can see how simple and fast this magnificent invention is. It really makes you wonder why this is not the standard in all firehouses. However, we guess there`s one flaw about this system and that`s that if you use it on asphalt or concrete you can damage the hose. So maybe that`s why this one is performed on the grass.

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