Let’s Take A Moment To Pay Tribute To Paul Walker! Take A Look At The Ending Scene Fast And Furious 7!

It is always hard to admit the fact that the hero of our generation is gone! Losing him is like losing someone close. He was close to us actually so it`s easy to comprehend these words. Every gearhead in the world knows about Paul Walker or Briand O`Connor if you like! We remember going to the movies and seeing the first Fast and Furious movie. Young teens loving the Nissan Skyline GTR R34, loving races and loving Paul Walker – our hero! Then came the second part – the most exciting one for us at the time! I remember the movies showing Scary Movie 2 at the same time as 2 Fast 2 Furious. Guess what we chose?! However, we are gathered here today to see the ending scene Fast and Furious 7.

But before that, we have to see all the parts that brought us to the big 7! Remember Tokyo Drift? Yeah, that came right after 2 Fast 2 Furious and did not really shine. That`s when Justin Lin decided to spice things up and created the Fast and Furious 4! Amazing piece for everyone out there! Then, logically came Fast 5 as the 5th sequel to the marathon! All the action and dialogue by Paul Walker and Vin Diesel. Thing should go in school books for that matter!

And the end was pretty near, after that came number 6 at the same time when Wizz Khalifa signed with the picture and started doing the soundtracks! Furious 7 is what we are all here right now. The last movie for Paul Walker, unfortunately. Maybe the ending scene Fast and Furious 7 will help us reach our emotions!

The death of Paul Walker has hit us hard! And how couldn`t it? The guy was practically the hero of an entire generation!

Let’s take a minute here and watch the ending scene from Fast & Furious 7.

At last, if you want to see Vin Diesel walking out of an interview out of blueness after Paul Walker, follow this link!