F-35A Airplane Tire Change! How To Change A Tire On A Military Plane Worth $180M!

If you are a driver, knowing how to change a tire is an absolute must! Changing a tire on a car is relatively easy and can be learned quickly. However, the video we are sharing with you today will show you an airplane tire change! The “victim“ in this video is the F-35A Lightning II, a fighter plane used by our US Air Force. It is one of the most expensive planes on Earth, and this particular model costs approximately $182 million! In this video, a soldier from the US Air Force tries to change the tire of this fighter with the aid of a mechanic.¬†We have never seen an airplane tire change before, and we thought that is a complex process. Also, we were surprised we noticed that there are quite a few similarities with car tire change and an airplane tire change.

The video begins with the soldier putting pressure on the valve stem, releasing the air from the tire. Afterwards, the mechanic informs the soldier to remove the lug nuts. With the lug nuts out of the way, the tire can be safely removed. The tire is changed, and we can see the soldier putting back the castle nut. Furthermore, the soldier assists the mechanic to screw the castle nut back. With that done, all that is left is to screw the lug nuts once again! As we mentioned before, the process is quite similar to a car tire change.

If you happen to have an F-35A fighter plane that needs a tire change, then this video will be perfect for you! If not, you will at least know how a proper airplane tire change looks like! Watch the video below and learn something new! Enjoy.

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