These Are The Most Expensive Things In The World!

Everyone knows that nowadays you can buy whatever you want from the internet. It is so easy and with a single click, the item is shipped to your home. But, there is always the chance of being scammed. Well, the buyers of the items you are about to see here were not tricked whatsoever. They paid ridiculous sums of money just to purchase one of them. This is exactly why we take look at the most expensive things ever purchased by man. We kick off our list with something rather unusual. Namely, if you want to get yourself a feather from the Huia bird, it is going to cost you whooping $10,000. Yes, just for a SINGLE feather. Did you know that parking in Manhattan is really, really expensive? Well, a single parking spot there is going to cost you massive $1 million. Is it really worth it?

most expensive things in the world 1

Magnetic floating beds really do exist and they feature in our most expensive things list. One such bed is going to cost you around $1.6 million. It really does float! Probably the most expensive piano that you can buy is the one made from pure crystal. It will cost you $3.2 million. The most expensive photograph in the world comes from Germany and is called Rhein II. This piece of art was auctioned for $4.3 million. The list continues with the Golg-Plated Bugatti Veyron, costing whooping $10 million. But this isn`t the most expensive car ever. The 1963 Ferrari GTO was sold for $52 million. Another expensive items that feature our list are a $25 million 201-Carat gemstones watch, a $46 million Graff Pink diamond and the Card Players paintings. The paintings cost $275 million. But the most expensive of them all is the History Supreme Yacht, costing $4.5 billion!

most expensive things in the world 2

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