The MCLAREN 675 LT @ Geneva 2015 MOTOR SHOW!

It is getting a little hot in here in Geneva and it is not because of the weather! People are excited to see McLaren`s answer to Ferrari`s 488 GTB!!! We do not know which side you want to take, but you should definitely see what they both have to offer! This truly race inspired McLaren 675 LT really has something to say to Ferrari!

The looks are very similar to the 650S or even the 12C, but there are some differences of course! For example, the surface details that are very unique for the McLaren 675 LT and the scooped sides with the amazing rear end! McLaren is bringing AMAZING 666 horsepower engine accompanied by 516 lb/ft of torque! As we are stuck here in the middle of this old rivalry, you decide who you want to support! We, on the other hand must say it is a hard decision!

At last, if you want to make a comparison of this model with the Ferrari 488 GTB, follow this link and see the Italian beauty at its best.