Outlaw Supra – New Import World Record – 6.05 at 240MPH!

It is only a common sense to realize that to become the best in a certain category is one hell of a feat, especially when it comes down to drag racing, where we see all kinds of monsters trying to break the existing records on daily bases. So it only comes natural for the owners of those great speeding bullets of sports car, to try to top their class all the time. And when it comes to E Kanoo Racing, these guys are always shooting for the highest score! In this particular case, the main goal at hand is to try and conquer every last import out there and make it become the fastest sports car that has ever gone out on the quarter mile distance! And that is exactly what we have here in the video bellow – 10.5 Toyota Outlaw Supra that has managed to get `the title` of the king in the import game.

And its amazing result is 6.05 seconds pass at astonishing 240 mph! I do not think that there is anything more to say on this subject, so just watch the video and get acquainted with the very fastest Supra there is out there!

Enjoy the video below!

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