Due To Confederate Flag Controversy Amazon Might Drop “Dukes Of Hazzard” From Streaming!

There have always been movies or TV shows that have raised quite the controversy. This was mainly due to insults to certain groups of people. Some people say that Dukes of Hazzard is not far away from these movies. The main reason behind their claims is the Confederate flag on top of the General Lee Dodge Charger. Ever since the movie first came out there have been many people who found it offensive and the current political situation in America simply added fuel to the fire. 

There have been many attempts over the past decades to make the General Lee Dodge Charger a bit more politically correct vehicle, though. However, some even went a step further and wanted to completely remove it from history. None of these measures was not as serious as the current situation. So, does this mean that we are seeing the end of Dukes of Hazzard only because of the Confederate flag?  

general lee confederate flag 1

Well, no one knows but some TV shows have already been shut down. Since corporate America is changing its tune, we have seen shows such as Live P.D. or COPS to be shut down. Of course, the biggest reason behind this is the presence of police officers in them. Shockingly enough, even the children`s cartoon Paw Patrol might just have the same destiny as the above mentioned. This is because in the show we can see police dogs. Now the legendary movie Dukes of Hazzard is under threat too! 

Vulture announced that Amazon is carefully following the situation and waiting for the right moment to make their decision. One thing is for sure, Amazon will mull over the use of the Confederate flag in the movie. Many people see the flag as a sign of racism and oppression. Just recently NASCAR announced that they have banned the use of the Confederate flag on their events.  

general lee confederate flag 2

However, none of this means that the Dukes of Hazzard is dead. No, the guys from Amazon are simply weighing the options. Vulture announced that the whole show is undergoing a special evaluation just to carefully see whether to drop it or not. If you recall, several years ago something else had happened concerning the Confederate flag. Warner Bros made a decision to stop licensing the flag version of the Dodge Charger. Many people were affected by this decision, especially the ones from the General Lee merchandise.  

All we can do now is wait and see what is going to happen with this movie. A lot of people hope that Amazon will not drop the movie from streaming. However, there are also other people who think opposite. People need to be smart in this situation and try to make the best out of it. No one wants to make a rush decision, a decision that might have disastrous consequences later in the future.  

In the video down below, you can see John Schneider thinking about the roads where he used to make this movie!