Drifting Nissan Skyline R32 On A Narrow Track LIKE A BOSS! This Guy Has Everything Under Control!

Everybody can learn how to drive a car, but not everybody can surmount the ability to drift! That`s why we admire and respect the professional drift drivers who make their job look like a piece of cake! Not only do they do that, but also after watching a video, or witnessing live drifting performance, the adrenalin in our blood goes nowhere but up! The car in this video will also give you an adrenaline rush! The star of the video is the iconic Nissan Skyline R32! Any drifting video is instantly better with the appearance of this beast! Just listening to the sound of this beauty will make you skin shiver! This is just one of the many reasons why you shouldn`t miss this amazing footage of Joshua Hill drifting in a Nissan Skyline R32!

This video shows us such an adrenalin boosting performance! We always say yes to drifting! Can`t refuse cheerful videos! Watch Joshua Hill handling those sharp corners with perfect accuracy! Additionally, this video clip is recorded with a camera mounted on the back of the Nissan Skyline R32 which makes the ride even more exciting! Seeing a familiar thing from another point of view gives you a new perspective for better understanding! You will know that this driver has quality right after clicking play. He knows how to go around the corners and drifts by the edge of the track all time but never touches anything! Because this video is filmed from a close distance, the sounds this vehicle produces are as realistic as possible! A fair reason to volume those speakers up! Believe us, this is one of those videos that makes every gearhead’s day!

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