Drift Team Animal Style With Nissan Silvia s14! DOPENESS!

Check Out This Drift Team Animal Style With Nissan Silvia s14!

Sunny day? Check! Empty parking lot? Check! Cars for drifting? Check! Then off we go! Entertainment is guaranteed! Pretty good video showing us how the “Animal Style” Drift Team spends one sunny day. This video has all drifting sections included, first of all AWESOME cars, then revving engines, burning tires, close-to-the-edge drifting! With the drivers` performance added, this video is one of the best we have ever posted here. These guys surely know what they are doing. This recording is simultaneously showing both the preparations and the act as well. Do you think these cars are white on purpose in order to be able to see burned rubber on the bumper?

Location is pretty awesome! One word describes this video…DOPENESS!

Anyway, how about this Polish drift team?

Enjoy the video below!

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