Raw Drift in Japan by Noriyaro Raw!

Raw Drift in Japan by Noriyaro Raw! Episode 1!!! He is Always Delivering The Best! Japan Rules!

We already know that Japan, especially Tokyo is one of the few last STRONGHOLDS of drifting! Thus, we would like to present to you an episode of NORIYARO RAW DRIFT! This is actually a whole compilation of drifting in Japan, including official events as well as some STREET DRIFTING! Experiencing Japan in such way is a pure privilege, and you Ladies and Gentlemen have it! You can see all those burning tires, perfect drifts on the rain and so on! Are you excited to see one of the best drifting shows ever? Long live drifting, and long live Japan and Tokyo with its DRIFTING CULTURE!!!

Finally, check out the best Japanese secret!

Enjoy the video below!

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