CHRISTINE The 1958 PLYMOUTH FURY From Carpenter’s 1983 Film!

I sincerely hope that there are guys amongst you who enjoy and love watching some of the great cars from the movies, which do not have the `star status` as some of the others, like the Bullitt Ford Mustang, or the Fast & Furious Dodge Charger, or The Transformers Chevy Camaro, but yet, posses some (almost) mystical allure and special inner power. If there are (and I`ve no doubts about it), then you will be pleasantly surprised by our video choice for this article, as you are about to see one of the best representatives of this `group` of cars. I`m talking about the Mopar`s 1958 Plymouth Fury, aka Christine, from John Carpenter`s film from 1983 with the same title, inspired by Stephen King`s novel.

It was a tale about one hunted (or cursed) car, in which the previous owner had lost his life, and then all banged up and wrecked is bought by one teen, who brings it back to shape. But the car still carries its curse and an entire chain of events starts unfolding, and a real mayhem and devastation to the people around it, starts happening.

The film has gained a cult status and followers, and I`m guessing that one of them decided to resurrect the awesome red 1958 Plymouth Fury aka Christine into a short animated film, and remind us of the everlasting beauty of this legendary Mopar`s beauty.

So check out the video and enjoy watching how Christine transforms itself from a wreck into a shining beauty once again, just like in the movie. And if you want to find out more about it, and see one of the existing examples that were used in the film, go to this link.